Mac Installation and Mac Configuration – How we go much further

We can do far more for your business than simply provide one or more top quality refurbished Apple Macs. From helping you to understand the requirements of your office, to training your staff how to use their Apple Macs once they have been installed, we offer a service that goes above and beyond that of a simple supplier.

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refurbished iMacs

Should I Buy a Refurbished iMac Desktop?

You could make significant savings on a refurbished iMac, but does that necessarily mean you will be getting a good deal? The sheer quality and design of Apple products warrants a higher price tag, so getting a ‘cheap’ price for an Apple iMac doesn’t always mean you’ll be saving money in the long run. You don’t want to pay half the price of a new model which will last years if all you get is something which lasts a few months.

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