Introducing the New MacBook Pro

Last night saw the launch of the eagerly awaited new MacBook Pro machines and they do look fantastic. They’re now thinner, lighter and more powerful than previous MacBook Pros and come in three sizes: a 15-inch, a thick 13-inch and a thin 13-inch. The new Touchbar should prove to be a great addition and Apple have also added TouchID for the laptop that’s compatible with Apple Pay. The traditional USB port has been replaced with four USB-C ports. We’re really tempted to get new ones for ourselves!

The Touch Bar has been getting a lot of headlines and is certainly the most exciting new feature. This is a strip that replaces the function keys that normally sit at the top of the keyboard and the buttons on The Touch Bar will change depending on what program you’re using. For example, when you have Safari open it’ll display shortcuts to your favourite websites and if you’re using Photo it can straighten pictures. The Touch Bar can also adjust brightness and change the volume of a song or suggest words when you’re typing.

Instead of a standard USB port, the MacBook Pro has four USB-C ports. All four sockets can be used to charge the laptop or attach USB-C, Thunderbolt, HDMI and USB connectors.

The adaptors to fit these new USB ports can be purchased online for less than £20.

Unfortunately with all these great features, there’s been a significant price increase over the previous MacBooks. Increases are normal with new releases but this time it’s been amplified by the weakness of the pound.

If the price point has moved a new Mac outside your budget, we’ve a great range of nearly new and refurbished MacBook Pros that could help you to achieve that new, more powerful computer. Christmas is coming you know!

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