Mac Installation and Mac Configuration – How we go much further

We can do far more for your business than simply provide one or more top quality refurbished Apple Macs. From helping you to understand the requirements of your office, to training your staff how to use their Apple Macs once they have been installed, we offer a service that goes above and beyond that of a simple supplier.

Here’s how our Mac Installation and Mac Configuration services help your business to get the most from Apple products.

Understanding your business needs

You need to understand your business requirements before you can make an accurate choice regarding the technology you wish to purchase and have installed. Every business is unique, and has its own ways of working, so there is no cut-and-paste solution that is applicable to all. This is why we offer to get involved right at the beginning of the process, to help you understand what your business needs to get out of your Apple Mac configuration, before deciding which model or device is the right fit for you. It not only saves you time, it saves you money in the long run, as you will know that you are investing in something you need and that is well-equipped to handle your requirements.

Auditing your current environment

Your business premises could place limitations upon the kind of Mac Installation you could have. We can assess your business premises in order to find opportunities and potential issues. With so many things to consider, many business owners can overlook simple things, such as how much space they have, or whether they have enough power sockets to support an office full of tower units. By having your premises assessed, rather than simply rushing into a purchase, you can be sure that you are buying hardware that suits your business.

Mac Installation services that work around you

Getting your new Macs up and running may be a priority, but so is the day-to-day operation of your business. Some businesses may find it preferable to have their new hardware installed in one go to get everything up and running as quickly as possible. Others may prefer a gradual approach, so that the business can still continue to operate while we get on with your Mac Configuration.

We understand that the way you run your business is important, which is why we offer fully flexible installation services that work around your business. So as well as working standard office hours, we can install your systems during an out-of-hours timeslot, getting everything up and running for you during the evenings or weekends, so that you return to find everything ready to go.

Issue management service after installation

An installation service wouldn’t be very useful if we simply set everything up and left you to it. Sometimes errors or bugs can arise, and the presence of these can seriously hamper you as you attempt to get to grips with your new system. We are always on hand to help you troubleshoot so that we can help you fix any problems as soon as possible. We also provide support to assist your staff as they get used to their new machines and operating systems.

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